Your Trusted Partner In Irrigation Solutions

Nurturing Your Landscape

Maximizing the health of your landscape while minimizing water consumption is a balance we optimize at Blue Mist. Easily maintain a lush lawn and thriving plants with a regular watering schedule.

Smart Irrigation

Embrace the power of technology. We use the latest irrigation control systems that allows for easy monitoring and making adjustments remotely. Quickly adjust schedules based on weather forecasts. Wi-fi enabled systems make your systems completely customizable and automated. Set it & forget it.

Initial Installation

Our expert team ensures a seamless setup process for your irrigation systems. Here’s what we cover:

Design Expertise: We’ll conduct a thorough site walkthrough to map out size locations to laying out the foundation for an efficient irrigation system.

Precise Installation: From trenching pipe locations to installing pipes, valves, backflow preventers, heads and controllers, we handle every aspect of your system’s installation.

Spring Start-Up

As the seasons change, we’re here to kickstart your irrigation system for optimal performance:

Master Valve Activation: We’ll open the master valve to initiate the system.

Thorough System Check: Our team inspects all zones to ensure proper system function, addressing any issues that might have arisen during the winter.

Fine-Tuning: We evaluate system settings, adjusting watering techniques and head coverage to guarantee even watering.

Rain Sensor Inspection: We check rain sensors to ensure they’re functioning correctly.

Customized Adjustments: With precision, we adjust head heights and controller settings as required.

In-Season Check-Ups

Continuous monitoring is the key to success. Our services include:

Ongoing Functionality: Regular checks ensure your system continues to perform optimally, maintaining correct watering practices for lawns and garden beds.

Adaptive Watering Times: We adjust watering schedules based on the season, optimizing water usage.

Vigilant Leak Detection: Our team identifies leaks and potential damages that may have occurred since the system’s startup.

Swift Repairs: If repairs are needed, we handle them promptly, notifying you of any concerns requiring attention.

Winter Shut-Down

Preparing your system for winter is crucial in preventing damage:

Master Valve Closure: We’ll close the master valve, safeguarding your system.

Thorough Water Removal: To prevent freezing damage, we run the system to eliminate all water from the lines.

Clock Adjustment: We turn the irrigation clock to the ‘OFF’ position, ensuring it’s winter-ready.

Spring-Ready: Any repairs needed during shutdown are documented, ready for action come spring.